ICC (The International Chamber of Commerce – the World Business Organization)

ICC (the International Chamber of Commerce – the World Business Organization) has preserved its principles and commitment to the mission assigned to it over decades of peaks and troughs in the world economy. Over these years, ICC has transformed into the biggest and most influential international business organization able to make a significant impact on economic and political processes.

On 6 May 2000, the ICC World Council formally admitted Russia to membership of the World Business Organization and unanimously approved the establishment of the Russian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC Russia. 

The ICC National Committee in Russia is actively participating in all initiatives of the International Chamber of Commerce and remains committed to the strategic priorities and goals which were articulated upon its foundation in 2000. Its principal aim, which has remained unchanged since then, is bolstering the position of Russian business in the international business community as well as supporting Russian companies amid trends towards globalization.

One of the most integral parts of ICC Russia’s mission is to establish a dialogue between business and regulatory authorities, business and society during various events organized by the National Committee.

Taking part in the activities of the ICC Russian National Committee gives Russian companies, banks and business associations new opportunities so as to, in conformity with the interests of our state, actively participate in formulating international business standards and principles on equal terms with our foreign partners.