ICC Russia Banking Commission

ICC Russia Banking Commission has existed since 2000 and brings together leading Russian banks (including the ones that participated in the development of the Russian national committee in 2000) involved in financing of international commercial activities of Russian companies.

ICC Banking Commission activities are in line with the major projects of ICC international commission in the following areas:

●    Permanent involvement of Russian banks in the work of ICC international commission, including development, updating and providing commentary for unified rules, official resolutions, guidelines and other ICC documents.

●    Development of a collective standpoint of the Russian committee (either in the course Commission’s meetings or through exchange of opinions by correspondence) and submitting it for voting to the international Banking Commission.

●    Active involvement in ICC Russia projects on translating ICC official publications into Russian – participating in translating, editing, providing commentary and support from the banks, as well as projects related to professional events in the form of banks’ participation and support.