About commission

The ICC Russia Commission on Agribusiness and Agro-industrial Security was created at the initiative of the members of the Russian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce -  World business organization, in 2000 and is an ICC Russia field expert commission.

The objectives of the Commission include the creation of an environment in Russia for the efficient development of the agro-industrial complex and its transformation into a competitive field at the international market level as well as addressing problems related to the food security of the country.

Priority areas of the Commission are:

●    analysing the current state of and prospects for the development of agribusiness in Russia

●    analysing Russian state policy for agro-industry and participation in the development of the state strategy in this field

●    summarizing of international practices and the application of innovations which are conducive to the development of agriculture

●    supporting state and business efforts to develop agribusiness in Russia

●    participation of experts in the elaboration of draft laws, as well as in the creation of suggestions to improve current laws.

The Commission on Agro-industrial Complex is a professional forum for representatives of Russian agribusiness to exchange opinions and reach a concerted position on issues relevant to international cooperation in promoting import and import. The companies which  have joined the ICC Russia have a right to appoint their experts to participate in the work of the Commission on Agribusiness and Agro-industrial Security.

The Commission on Agribusiness and its working groups consist of a number of leading experts in agriculture, including the representatives of international agro-industrial companies which work in Russia in other field associations.