ICC Russia Commission on Intellectual Property

In the age of transition toward a knowledge based economy, accelerated information exchange and an increasingly complex market environment, the role of intellectual capital as the key asset of any company is becoming more prominent.

In the context of a modern economic paradigm oriented at developing science, education, culture, connections and innovation, company’s intangible assets often become more valuable and essential that their tangible assets. Businesses, especially those that are already successful, consider the effective use of intellectual property to be a real opportunity for achieving and sustaining high levels of competitiveness in the market.

In addition, the development of an intellectual property system promotes international trade, stimulates investment into creativity and innovation, provides favourable climate for foreign direct investment and technology transfer, and moreover contributes to conditions favourable for stable economic growth.

ICC Russia Commission on Intellectual Property was created in May 2014 at the initiative of its members. Its purpose is to raise awareness and provide expertise to Russian companies as a step towards the development of an efficient IP management system and its application as а competitive advantage in both domestic and international markets.

The Commission includes top-tier professionals such as lawyers from leading international firms, judicial officers, representatives of governmental agencies and business associations.

The Commission experts become part of the ICC international Commission on Intellectual Property and possess equal rights with international partners to participate in the development and harmonization of international standards and mechanisms of the self-regulatory business framework. They also have access to all international documents developed by ICC experts.