Joining ICC Russia

What are the benefits of ICC Russia membership?

●   Taking part in the expert work of ICC to find effective solutions to common problems as well as lobbying of these decisions in legislative and executive bodies of power.  

●    An opportunity to influence economic policy, overcome administrative barriers and improve the business and investment environments.

●    Broadening professional horizons and new opportunities to establish contacts for business cooperation, using the potential of other entities to resolve common problems.

●    An opportunity to discuss topical issues with experts or people who are managing the content of the legislation processes.

●   An opportunity to have a say on issues of interest and gain an awareness of public and judicial bodies’ stances;

●   An opportunity to implement projects more effectively and receive proposals for business development.

●    Access to the global ICC network which embraces thousands of companies in 130 countries.

What are the benefits of active participation in ICC?

●   Becoming an ICC family member with an impeccable record.

●   Indicating your responsibility and commitment to the ideas of international standardization.

●   Demonstrating affirmation of your professionalism.

Service package

1.  Issuance of  an ICC membership certificate.

2.  Nomination of company experts for work in relevant ICC and ICC Russia committees and working groups.

3.  Priority rights for participation in ICC Russia events as a speaker or moderator, and  in event partnership programmes.

4.  Participation in ICC and ICC Russia events with a discount of up to 50%.

5.  Opportunities for holding joint events and other projects, in Russia and abroad.*

6.  Representation as a member company on the ICC Russia website:

а) your company’s logo
б) information about the company with a direct link to your corporate site

7.   Access to ICC information resources:
а) online subscription, including newsletters on specific topics
б) receiving ICC expert documents by direct mail
в) opportunities for participating in ICC global microeconomic surveys and polls

8.   A discount on ICC publications of up to 30%.

9.   Special editions of ICC publications with your company’s corporate style elements on favourable terms.

* Event plans and budgets to be discussed individually.