About the event


"Documentary Business and International Payments: 

Key Trends, Challenges and Prospects"


It’s now 5th edition of the traditional annual conference on international payments and documetrary business organized by ICC Russia and hosted by VTB Bank.

Leading the discussion on the international payments landscape, Incoterms® 2020, Russian and international guarantee business, documentary credits, tradetech, regulatory framework and compliance, the event will once again bring together more than 200 Russian and international bankers, corporates, traders, lawyers, regulators and innovative technologies providers for  two days of networking and debate.

We put the focus on:

  • Trends and risks in the global trade, international payments system and trade finance.
  • Incoterms®2020. The next decade of the renowned regulations. The main changes analysis.
  • Documentary credits: hot topics of practice.
  • Practice of dispute resolution related to documentary credits and independent guarantees.
  • TradeTech: digital developments in international trade and trade finance. Solutions analysis.
  • Compliance perspective on the documentary business: main trends and key challenges.
  • Russian practice of independent guarantees business.
  • Novelties in the regulatory framework with regard to international trade.